About Us

Photo of Ciara Hansen from Our Recipe For LifeHi, I’m Ciara and one part head of the Hansen Family.

We are a family of five, trying to live our Dream in Brisbane. When I say trying I mean who really has the dream life?!

I’m from Dublin – Ireland. I moved to Brisbane in 2011 with my husband Dave and our then 6 month old, little A. Little A is now 5 and in Prep – where has the time gone to?! Along the way we were joined by little S and little F. Little S is now 3 and little F is not yet 1.

We have a busy life and try to pack in as much as we can. You see moving to the other side of the world from your own family means you have to make it worth while, every day counts!

I blog about family life, feeding my kids, getting fit, up-cycling for craft and some DIY and of course travel (that’s a major requirement living half way across the world from my own family).

I hope you enjoy following Our Recipe For Life, if you have any questions you can contact me here or leave a comment and I’ll respond.

Have a fun day!

This is a rare photo of me out with Dave without the girls!!