1. ciara T

    I’m almost inspired to take up running now 🙂 It’s great you get the chance to go and the motivation to get moving other than staying in bed! apart from bribes and threats (not good parenting but hey it works!), I think the only thing that works for my 3 year old is indulging their obsession that day– if he can’t stop talking about umbrellas for example (yesterday for me) – I show him pictures of umbrellas, videos of umbrellas – tell him we’ll get him one on the weekend and he can decide which one he wants, ask him who in his creche has umbrellas etc etc… – I should have shown him Mary Poppins flying with the umbrella… tomorrow it will be something else but my enthusiasm for his current obsession makes him content and less likely to throw fits and its relatively easy to go along with!

    • Ciara Ciara

      sounds like some good ideas Ciara, I’ll try that tomorrow! She is definitely fighting for control, I’m just trying to figure out what I can let her have control of. At the moment she wants control of not getting dressed, not getting in the car and not going to the toilet 🙁

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