1. Caitriona

    Hi Ciara
    Defo going to try this! Thanks! My mum is a sucker for them!
    Reading the recipe I was struck by the amount of natural sugar present and wondering do you know how to calculate that.. For pure interest sake, no criticism intended??

    • Ciara Ciara

      Hi Caitriona, here is what I have tried to calculate. For us, as long as we are steering clear of added sugar and keeping our ‘treats’ to a minimum then I’m happy. We wouldn’t eat things like this every week. 1 banana has approx 12g of sugar, 2 are used in this recipe. I used dried dates which are heavy on natural sugar, 26g in the 40g in this recipe and sultanas, 24g in the 40g used, plus the flour is 2.3g so in total I have calculated 76g. It made 10 muffins so 7.6g in each one which is just under 2 teaspoons. I am pretty sure most nutritionists though would not equate this to 2 teaspoons of added sugar as the fruit still offers some fibre and other nutritional benefits. Hope this helps

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