1. This is an ongoing battle for me as a certifiable control freak ? but it really is important to have a break if possible. I am going away for a long weekend with a friend soon and am quietly freaking out. But it will be ok, better than ok and I’ll be a better mum for it I suspect! Actually this made me think.. in this really fast paced world I think the best we can do for our kids to prepare them for the future is to help them be adaptable and resilient. If they think there is only one way to do things then that’s not really helping them with those skills.. hmmm, thanks for the food for thought Ciara! x

    • Ciara Ciara

      I never realised I was a control freak until I had kids! I agree about being a better mum after a break, it’s good to recalibrate and be yourself again – even if it is just for a day or two.

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