Kmart Stockholm Side Table Hack


Doesn’t everybody love a hack. You find that piece of furniture but it’s not quite the right colour, the right style or for the purpose you need it. When we think of hacks too, there’s not too much better than a Kmart hack!

I have been on the lookout for a side table for our living room. Each time I place my drink on the ground and see the wet ring it leaves it reminds me I am missing a vital piece of furniture.

Last year we bought a retro style media unit from Holy Funk Co – here it is…

IMG_4915We love the piece of furniture and how it looks in our living room but I couldn’t find a suitable side table to match the style, that also came within budget. As I’m currently on maternity leave my budget is quite low!

Recently I considered biting the bullet and investing in a side table of similar style for close to $300, when out of the blue I came across this side table for $25 in Kmart (don’t you just love Kmart’s recent homeware selection, they have come a long way!).

table_testI thought to myself – ‘can I make this work?’ For $25 it wasn’t too much of a risk so off I went.

I took the parts out and had a look to see what I was dealing with.

IMG_4891I stained the legs with an existing stain I had in my garage. One stain gave the desired result and I decided not to bother varnishing them as the media unit has a raw wood look to it.

I quickly realised what I thought was a wood strip was actually just paper glued to the top.

IMG_4893I tried many things to get it off, olive oil, nail polish remover, hairspray and finally just took to it with sandpaper. When I was happy it was smooth and free from glue I took it outside and grabbed a can of black spray paint from my garage. A few coats of paint (many light coats apparently is the trick) on the top and then I left it to dry overnight.

IMG_4898The next morning I turned it over, put masking tape on the screw holes and sprayed the base. Again a few coats and left it to dry for a few hours.

That evening I assembled my new side table and voila I was delighted with the result. Here is it beside the media unit, the colour of the legs match so well!

IMG_4916And finally here is a picture of it beside my couch – yay I have somewhere to put my drinks down without leaving water rings on my floor.



Items Required and Cost:

Side Table – $25

Wood Stain – already in my garage

Masking Tape – already in my garage

Spray Paint – black gloss, I had a tin but ran out half way through so bought another tin for $3.50

Total Spend – $28.50



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