1. Gabrielle

    I know how hard it has been, and the amazing job you are doing… she is a lucky girl to have such a dedicated and caring Mom! Hang in there. It has not been an easy road, but with each day that brings more progress, you can take delight in what you have achieved, for your adorable little girl. X

  2. What an amazing job you and Dave are doing, Ciara! By not accepting the diagnosis and not giving up until you found the solution for your little girl, you have given her freedom from anxiety and her childhood back! Can there be any greater gift for a child :-).
    Your family is an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m excited to watch you all grow into the best versions of yourself. Xx
    Renay K.I.S.S Nutrition

    • Ciara Ciara

      Thanks so much Renay, I totally agree! There are too many children diagnosed with syndromes when the answer can be a simpler one! Thanks again for your help and patience.

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